The Man Cave Football Podcast

Episode 12

Now that McCarthy is gone, where do the Packers go from here? Was it the right move now? Who replaces him? And how soon will the Packers be back to contending for championships?


Episode 11

Dan recaps the crazy Monday Night Football game between the Chiefs and Rams. Is defense in the NFL dead? Do you enjoy games the high scoring games like we saw on Monday? Dan also discusses the top heavy AFC, a weird weekend for NFC teams, and what is going on with the Packers? Dan also reveals his Thanksgiving food power rankings!


Episode 10

Dan gives his thoughts on the future of Mike McCarthy and the problems that are plaguing Packers. He also hands out mid-season awards for the whole NFL. Who’s his MVP? Coach of the Year? Listen to find out!


Episode 9

In this episode, Brandon Berg joins Dan as they discuss the upcoming NFL trade deadline and the trades that have already happened. Plus, they discuss the Packers offense and defense and preview the Packers game against the Rams.


Episode 8

After the first quarter of the season, Dan talks about who the two best teams are, who is the first quarter MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookies of the Year, and Coach of the Year. Dan also goes through his list of who has been the most disappointing and talks about three big games coming up in Week 5. Dan ends the podcast, with of course, Packers talk. Recapping the game against the Bills and looking at the game against the Lions.


Episode 7

In this latest episode, Dan discusses the latest controversy surrounding the roughing the passer calls. Dan also pleads to fans to stop overreacting to their favorite teams after just three games into the season. Dan wraps it up with some Packers talk that includes: wrapping up the loss to Washington, how the defense can improve starting this weekend, the offense needs a new script, and previewing the game against Buffalo.

Episode 6

We’re discussing Ryan Fitzpatricks’s amazing start, the Eagles move to Wentz, should we all get on the Patrick Mahomes train, Josh Gordon has a new team. Dan also discusses an eventful day for some NFL officials and suggests some changes. And as always, a little Packers talk to wrap it all up!


Episode 5

In this episode, Dan takes a look back at some of the games that stood out to him in week 1 of the NFL season. Plenty of Packers talk including: Is Aaron Rodgers the GOAT? Recapping the victory over the Bears and looking ahead to the Vikings.


Episode 4

Dan talks about the new contracts handed to some of the games top players, the Mack trade, 2018 season predictions, and top story lines heading into the season. Dan also has some Packers talk as he discusses the 53-man roster, the defense, and keys to victory against the Bears.


Episode 3

In episode 3, Dan takes a look at his remaining top 5 free agents and picks the teams that best fit them. Adrian Peterson is back, but how much does he have left? The Vikings get a steal in free agency and look even more dangerous. And as always, Packers talk! Vince Biegel and Lance Kendricks in trouble? Randall Cobb staying or going? Dan also answers your pressing questions!


Episode 2

The first set of preseason games are in the books and Dan takes a look at how some of the quarterback battles are going on. Dan also talks Packers rookie wide receivers and answers some of your questions!


Episode 1

Football season is here and Dan Kasper is back breaking it all down in a brand new podcast! In this episode, we’re discussing the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2018 and looking ahead to the ’19 class. Is T.O., Moss, Urlacher, and Lewis top 5 players at their position of all time? Is Dez T.O 2.0? Are the Packers really a dark horse team? And Dan explains why he LOVES preseason football!