The Man Cave Football Podcast

Episode 34

Dan finishes up his offseason project of coming  up with the top 100 NFL players of all-time by revealing his top 20 players. Who’s number one? Listen to find out!

Episode 33

Chris Willis, Head of Research Library at NFL Films joins the podcast to chat football history and his new book Red Grange: The Life and Legacy of the NFL’s First Superstar. 

Dan also continues his countdown of the Top 100 Players of All-Time according to him!

Episode 32

Dan continues revealing his list of the top 100 NFL players of all-time! In this episode, he reveals picks 60-41!

Episode 31

Dan continues revealing his list of the top 100 NFL players of all-time. In this episode, he reveals picks 80-61!

Episode 30

Dan’s getting ready for the 100th NFL Season in a big way! Dan has put together his top 100 NFL players of all-time. In this episode, Dan reveals picks 100-81!

Episode 29

In this episode, we honor Bart Starr. Have we overlooked his career? Dan also replays the the time he was able to chat with Bart and Cherry Star for a few minutes.

Episode 28

In honor of the NFL’s 100th season, Dan will be dedicating a few podcasts by revealing his Top 100 Players of All-Time and his top coaches of all-time. In this episode, Dan reveals his top 10 NFL head coaches of all-time and lists a few that just missed the cut. 

Episode 27

Dan recaps the NFL Draft by discussing which teams impressed him the most and recapping each of the Packers draft picks.

Episode 26 draft analyst Chad Reuter talks draft with Dan and Dan unveils his first-round mock draft and his seven-round Packers mock draft!

Episode 25

In this episode, Dan wraps up his offseason team outlooks looking at the AFC East, NFC East, AFC North, and NFC North. Dan talks NFL schedule release and Russell Wilson signing a new contract. 

Mark Murphy

Packers President Mark Murphy joins me for a few minutes before they make a stop in Chippewa Falls for the Packers Tailgate Tour

Episode 24

In this episode, NFL analyst Peter King from NBC Sports join Dan to discuss the AAF, the Packers, the possibility of the Raiders drafting a QB in the first round, and who makes the biggest impact on their new team. Peter also does a little lighting round where we know what style of beer he prefers, his coffee order, his World Series prediction, and more!

Episode 23

In this episode, Dan discusses his thoughts on the NFL expanding instant replay to include pass interference, discusses Gronk and Jordy Nelson retiring, and takes a look at the needs in the NFC South.

Episode 22

Ben Fennell from the NFL Network and The Athletic stops by the man cave for a visit with Dan. Ben discusses the NFL Draft, the Packers, what’s Mike Mayock like, his football journey, Seinfeld, and his advice to future film scouts.

Episode 21

Happy New League Year! What a crazy start to free agency madness! The Packers made moves, who would of thought? The Browns and Raiders get two new wide receivers. Are the Steelers the most disappointing team in the past five years? Are the Browns a top AFC team? What are the Raiders plans? Dan also takes a look at the AFC South.

Episode 20

In this latest podcast, Dan looks back at the NFL Combine to see who improved their draft stock. Dan also takes a look at NFL free agency and the many quality safeties available this year. Is safety priority number one for the Packers? Dan shares his thoughts. Also, Dan takes a look at the NFC West teams and discusses what positions they need to improve in.

Episode 19

In this latest podcast, Dan talks Kyler Murray and why Dan believes Murray is the most intriguing draft prospect since Tim Tebow. Dan also starts his division offseason scouting report by looking at the AFC West. What do the Broncos, Raiders, Chargers, and Chiefs need to do this offseason?

Episode 18

In this latest episode, Dan discusses whether the Super Bowl was boring, bad….or both? Defensive coaches in the Super Bowl and legacies are also talked about. Plus, future plans for the podcast are revealed.

Episode 17

It’s the SUPER BOWL! In this latest episode, Dan looks back at past Super Bowls, previews the Rams vs Patriots, hands out some regular season awards, and predicts who will be the 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class!

Episode 16

Dan recaps the conference championships, whether there will be any rule changes based off of what happened in these games. You know what were talking about! The greatness of the Patriots is also discussed. Dan really likes the Chuck Pagano and Chicago Bears pairing, but questions what the Chiefs will do at defensive coordinator. Packers talk and draft show updates!

Episode 15

In this episode, Dan takes a look at what should be a great championship weekend. Patriots vs Chiefs, Rams vs Saints, you can’t ask for better matchups! Also, does defense still win you championships? To wrap up this episode, Dan looks at who will be the new head coaches this upcoming season.

Episode 14

In this latest podcast episode, Dan becomes a general manager for every team looking for a new head coach and makes his selections on who should be hired where. Dan also takes a look at the playoff bracket and gives his predictions, including a Super Bowl winner.

Episode 13

The podcast hits the road! We recorded at Milwaukee Burger Company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin! Friend of the program Matt stops by to discuss the Vikings problems, who the cream of the crop is in the NFL with just three games remaining, and all the latest surrounding the Packers.

Episode 12

Now that McCarthy is gone, where do the Packers go from here? Was it the right move now? Who replaces him? And how soon will the Packers be back to contending for championships?

Episode 11

Dan recaps the crazy Monday Night Football game between the Chiefs and Rams. Is defense in the NFL dead? Do you enjoy games the high scoring games like we saw on Monday? Dan also discusses the top heavy AFC, a weird weekend for NFC teams, and what is going on with the Packers? Dan also reveals his Thanksgiving food power rankings!

Episode 10

Dan gives his thoughts on the future of Mike McCarthy and the problems that are plaguing Packers. He also hands out mid-season awards for the whole NFL. Who’s his MVP? Coach of the Year? Listen to find out!

Episode 9

In this episode, Brandon Berg joins Dan as they discuss the upcoming NFL trade deadline and the trades that have already happened. Plus, they discuss the Packers offense and defense and preview the Packers game against the Rams.

Episode 8

After the first quarter of the season, Dan talks about who the two best teams are, who is the first quarter MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookies of the Year, and Coach of the Year. Dan also goes through his list of who has been the most disappointing and talks about three big games coming up in Week 5. Dan ends the podcast, with of course, Packers talk. Recapping the game against the Bills and looking at the game against the Lions.

Episode 7

In this latest episode, Dan discusses the latest controversy surrounding the roughing the passer calls. Dan also pleads to fans to stop overreacting to their favorite teams after just three games into the season. Dan wraps it up with some Packers talk that includes: wrapping up the loss to Washington, how the defense can improve starting this weekend, the offense needs a new script, and previewing the game against Buffalo.

Episode 6

We’re discussing Ryan Fitzpatricks’s amazing start, the Eagles move to Wentz, should we all get on the Patrick Mahomes train, Josh Gordon has a new team. Dan also discusses an eventful day for some NFL officials and suggests some changes. And as always, a little Packers talk to wrap it all up!

Episode 5

In this episode, Dan takes a look back at some of the games that stood out to him in week 1 of the NFL season. Plenty of Packers talk including: Is Aaron Rodgers the GOAT? Recapping the victory over the Bears and looking ahead to the Vikings.

Episode 4

Dan talks about the new contracts handed to some of the games top players, the Mack trade, 2018 season predictions, and top story lines heading into the season. Dan also has some Packers talk as he discusses the 53-man roster, the defense, and keys to victory against the Bears.

Episode 3

In episode 3, Dan takes a look at his remaining top 5 free agents and picks the teams that best fit them. Adrian Peterson is back, but how much does he have left? The Vikings get a steal in free agency and look even more dangerous. And as always, Packers talk! Vince Biegel and Lance Kendricks in trouble? Randall Cobb staying or going? Dan also answers your pressing questions!

Episode 2

The first set of preseason games are in the books and Dan takes a look at how some of the quarterback battles are going on. Dan also talks Packers rookie wide receivers and answers some of your questions!

Episode 1

Football season is here and Dan Kasper is back breaking it all down in a brand new podcast! In this episode, we’re discussing the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2018 and looking ahead to the ’19 class. Is T.O., Moss, Urlacher, and Lewis top 5 players at their position of all time? Is Dez T.O 2.0? Are the Packers really a dark horse team? And Dan explains why he LOVES preseason football!