MVP Club

Hey, you’re an MVP!  Here’s where you can join the Sports Talk 105.1 MVP Club.  This is for the die-hard fans of Sports Talk 105.1 — like you!  Here’s what you get for joining the MVP Club:

  • An e-mail subscription to Dan Kasper’s blog “Here’s the Thing.”
  • All sports of prizes to events and businesses around the Chippewa Valley
  • Tickets to games — all sorts of sports and teams, from the preps to the pros
  • Info about what we’re doing on Sports Talk 105.1 *before* the rest of the public knows
  • Brackets and those picks games just like we do on The Morning Locker Room
  • And, of course, more!

See some of the prizes up for grabs *right now* in our Prize Dugout.

Sign up for the MVP Club Here