I’m Game

We’re blessed to have so many different sports and activities to choose from and there are so many people who excel at these. They put in the time and effort to excel at these sports and activities.

And it’s not easy to do that!

Don’t you sometimes wish that you could try a certain sport or activity? Or wonder how much work it goes into being good at a sport?

Dan Kasper has wondered that. There’s a lot of different sports and activities he would love to try.

And he’s going to.

You know how we always say “I’m Game” for something? Well, Dan is game for trying a bunch of new sports and activities. And he’s bringing a camera with in an all new digital video series called: “I’m Game”.

Do you have a sport or activity you want to see Dan try? Hockey, Swimming, Foosball, or anything? Nominate a sport by emailing us and we’ll see how well Dan can, or can’t, do at it!