Motion hearing for a man’s drunk driving case postponed

A motion hearing for a Cornell man accused of drunk driving and killing his passenger in a crash in 2013 was postponed on Tuesday.

26-year old Brady Wolfe is charged with homicide by vehicle from use of a controlled substance, which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and a $100,000 fine. Officers say Wolfe had been huffing from aerosol cans before the crash in August 2013 that killed his passenger, Caston Arnold.

Wolfe’s trial is slated to begin April 9th and is expected to last 5 days. A new motion hearing will be held on March 1st.

Man charged with his 7th OWI

A Lake Hallie man has been charged with his 7th OWI.

37-year old Brian Nelson has been charged with drunk driving after police stopped him at the intersection of 43rd Avenue and 130th Street on December 14th. He was out on bond after being charged with his 6th drunk driving charge over the summer. He has also been charged with attempted to flee and resisting arrest. He returns to court February 21st.

Man arrested after firing off shots inside home

A Medford man has been arrested after he fired off shots inside a home.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office says they got a call just before 5 p.m. yesterday about a man who had armed himself inside a home on Allman Avenue just east of Medford with a 38 caliber handgun and bullets. They also learned 2 adult females and a 7-year old child were also inside the home.

When officers arrived at the house, shots were fired inside. The area was secured and residents in the area were told to stay inside. Police eventually got through to the suspect on the phone, and a lengthy negotiation process took place until the suspect eventually agreed to come out unarmed.

31-year old Jake Wendt was then taken into custody. The incident remains under investigation and there is no threat to the community.

Man arrested after hours-long standoff in Eau Claire

One man is in custody after a stand-off on Eau Claire’s north side.

Police responded to a disturbance yesterday afternoon inside The Maples Mobile Home Park on Western Avenue. Authorities say several people were able to escape but one man stayed inside. Officers say shots from a pellet or BB gun were fired during the stand-off, which lasted several hours before the man surrendered to authorities.

Flu cases on the rise in Wisconsin

The number of flu cases in our area continues to rise.

Officials say this year’s version of the virus is hitting faster and causing more hospitalizations. The CDC says Wisconsin is 1¬†of 10 states plus Puerto Rico that are experiencing moderate flu activity.

Man charged with knocking out another man outside Eau Claire bar

A Sarona man has been charged after he reportedly knocked out another man outside an Eau Claire bar.

35-year old Ryan Kennen has been charged with misdemeanor counts of battery and disorderly conduct.

According to the criminal complaint, police were dispatched to She-Nannigans bar on Water Street at 1:39 a.m. December 10th for an apparent fight out front. A bouncer waved one of the officers to the 22-year old victim, who had a very swollen face. The man’s right cheek and eye were very red and showed signs of bruising. The bouncer also told the officer the man got a large goose egg on the back of his head when he fell on the concrete. The bouncer told the officer the man had been sucker punched and knocked out cold.

The bouncer said the victim had been dancing inside the bar when he knocked a cowboy hat off Kennen’s brother Derek’s head. Derek then dumped a drink on the man, and an altercation started. Bouncers removed the victim and both Kennens from the bar. The bouncer said Ryan Kennen punched the man in the face once they got outside, and the victim’s head hit the wall and he then fell backward onto the concrete, striking his head on the ground.

Woman charged with stealing clothes from retail store

An Eau Claire woman is accused of stealing more than $500 in clothing from a local business.

36-year old Michelle Twilley had been charged with a felony count of retail theft and a misdemeanor charge of bail jumping.

According to the criminal complaint, a loss prevention employee at Kohl’s told an Eau Claire officer he saw Twilley come in with a large bag and over sized coat, and he watched her exchange an empty shoe box for a box with shoes. The employee said Twilley and her boyfriend also pushed a cart around, piling up clothing. She then went to the checkout and asked for an even exchange for pants, which still had security tags on them, and a refund for the shoes. She then left the store with 2 jackets in the cart concealed by her coat.

Man charged with armed robberies enters plea

One of 2 Eau Clarie men facing felony armed robbery charges has entered a plea.

22-year old Daamon Stalson pleaded no contest last week to one of 3 armed robbery charges for his involvement in a robbery in Chippewa Falls. He will be sentenced on Februrary 13th.

According to the criminal complaint, Stalson and 21-year old Dustin Lussier were identifed as the suspects of 3 armed robberies within 2 weeks in both Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls. Each robbery had a man with a handgun demanding cash at Azara and Cenex River Country Co-op in Eau Claire and a Kwik Trip in Chippewa Falls.

Stalson admitted to driving Lussier to the Cenex and Kwik Trip robberies, but said he had no involvement with the Azara robbery and Lussier did. Lussier pleaded no contest to 2 of 3 robbery charges in September, and will be sentenced later this month.

Man makes plea after being charged with attempted sexual assault of a child

An Augusta man has pleaded no contest in a case where he headed to an Eau Claire park in October thinking he was meeting 2 girls, ages 8 and 11, for sex.

38-year old Jeramiha Sackman made the plea to attempted 1st-degree sexual assault of a child last week. Additional charges were dismissed. He will be sentenced on March 15th.

According to the criminal complaint, in October, an Eau Claire police detective posted an ad on Craigslist under the title “Mom is Out.” The detective posed as the father of the girls, and said in the ad that their mother was out of town and the girls were “ready and willing to play.”

The same day, the detective received a reply to the ad from a man named Jeramiha Sackman. The detective told Sackman the girls were young and Sackman said that was okay, and they arranged a meeting at an Eau Claire park the next day. When Sackman showed up at the park, he was arrested.

Deputy hurt in Chippewa County crash

Highway 27 is reopened near Cornell after a crash involving a deputy.

The crash involved a vehicle occupied by a 24-year-old man from Chippewa Falls and the other driver was a Chippewa County Sheriff’s deputy. Both drivers were taken to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. The Wisconsin State Patrol is investigating.