The Hat Code


How do you wear your hat?

This was a big topic of discussion on my show this morning. I kinda got called out for wearing a flat brim. When really it wasn’t completely flat at all. It had the perfective curvature designed for the Brewers hat I was wearing.

But that begs the question: How do you wear your hat? How SHOULD you wear your hat?

A good ball cap is essential to anyone’s wardrobe. I have a dedicated space in my closet for my go-to hats. The hats I don’t wear are retired to another area.

Like how the rug brought the room together for The Dude in The Big Lebowski, a good ball cap brings the entire ensemble together.

But a poorly curved brim on your cap can completely ruin it and make you look like a fool.

Let’s break it down.

When deciding what kind of curve to have on the brim of your hat, it depends on the style of the hat. Is it fitted, snapback, buckle, velcro, flex fit, or trucker? Also, how wide is the brim? These are the two key components.

Here are the curvatures I’ve come up with to help make your decisions.

The Table:

This is as flat as you can get. No curving or bending here. You put a pencil on that thing and it ain’t rolling off. The flat brim are specially designed for wide brim hats that are either fitted or snapback. When wearing a hat with “The Table” brim, wear it backwards though.

The Basketball

This is the curve I have on all of my wide brim hats. Those are those fitted and snapback hats. It’s called the basketball curve, because if you put the brim on top of a basketball, it should curve around the basketball. Yes, this has been tested. This is one of my top curves for hats. These hats can be worn both forward and backwards.

The Softball

This is my other go-to curve on hats and I believe the most popular curve on hats. The curve on the brim should curve around a softball. These are perfect curves for flex fit hats, snapback hats, and trucker hats. These hats can also be worn forward and backwards.

The Baseball

Now some people like a curve that almost completes a full circle. Why? What in the world is the purpose of it? It looks like you have a toilet paper tube for a brim. Don’t do this. It’s too narrow and makes your head look bigger.

The Triangle

These are still out there! People who don’t curve their brims but FOLD THEM! They make a triangle!

DON’T. DO. THIS. You’re lazy and don’t care about appearance. You’re dissing that hat of yours. Never ever do a triangle.

And just a reminder: To get that PERFECT curve on your hat, it's not going to happen overnight. You're going to have to keep bending, overnight rubber bands, etc. It's a process.

If you need some help with your hat curves or a grade, send them to me. I’m here for ya.


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