Dear Aaron, J.J., and Gutey

Dear Gutey, J.J., and Aaron.

It's Dan. Your favorite sports radio host. I think you all know why I'm writing to you, so let's cut to the chase here. Let's get this deal done.

Aaron. It starts with you. Pick up the phone, call J.J. and just simply tell him "Let's do this for Wisconsin. Help me win a Super Bowl". Put the recruiting pitch on.

J.J. It's Wisconsin. Your home. Your wife plays soccer in Chicago. The Bears ain't winning anything so don't think twice about them. You dreamed about playing for the Packers. You have a chance to now help them bring a championship. If anyone can step up to the challenge of playing for their hometown team and taking on that pressure, it's you. You might have to take a little less, but you can etch your name in Packers history.

Gutey. Gutey...Gutey...Gutey. I know, money might be tight. But answer these questions:

Does JJ improve your defense? Yes

Does it show your commitment to Rodgers in winning now? Yes

Do you add a leader to the locker room? Yes.

You have your chance to make an impact signing that could lead to you doing something your two mentors in Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson did: hoisting a Super Bowl. Wolf had Reggie. Ted had Woodson. Watt can be your impact, veteran defensive signing that leads you to the top.

Guys. It's a match made in Hollywood. Give a little on each side and the end results can be many.

Make it happen.

P.S.: Please return my texts about coming on the show. Thanks!

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