Tailgate Thoughts: Ugh

I’ll make this quick because there is no reason to keep reliving that Packers loss. And we’ll probably spend all offseason reliving it anyways.

That sucked. Like a lot of you, I was invested big time. I’m invested every year, but there were a lot of factors in play. How many more years or Rodgers? How many more shots at the Super Bowl will they get? 1 seed….home field….playing good ball leading into it. And during a year where everything was crappy, my football team looked to be on top of the world.

I was buying in and preparing to buy my new swag.

But, I couldn’t get that little bit of doubt out of my head. Ask my buddy Jake. I kept telling him, “But it’s Brady”. Tom Brady just kept sticking in my head.

But, I still thought Green Bay would be heading to Tampa Bay. Maybe just not doing so with a comfortable victory against Tampa.

Ugh. Football gods, why?!

It is what it is. And get ready for a looooooong offseason of speculation, hot takes, and every type of analysis in the book.

Let me just say one more thing though. Can we stop, for one minute, trying to disect what Aaron Rodgers said post game? That it sounded like he was saying his goodbyes?

I don’t know what he’s going to do or what the plan is. But if we’re going to start drawing conclusions or figuring out the mystery because of one presser, that’s lazy. I didn’t hear one person say anything when he made the comment about is future being “A beautiful mystery”. I didn’t hear one comment when he praised Matt LaFleur more times this year then he did with Mike McCarthy throughout his entire career. I didn’t hear one comment when he talks about the meaning of being “a Packer” his love of Wisconsin and his teammates.

But one line and we have to come up with theories. C’mon people. If you want to run with that narrative, use everything available to come up with your theory.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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