Rule #76: No Excuses. Play Like A Champion.

Fact: The Green Bay Packers are the one seed in the NFC and hold home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Fact: The Packers can go and win the Super Bowl.

Fiction: In order to do that, it all depends on who they play and can avoid in the playoffs.

This past week, all across the social and the airwaves, a popular topic was: “Who DON’T you want the Packers to face in the playoffs?”

I get it. Most have an opinion on it and it’s all different. Tampa Bay because it’s Brady and they beat the Packers earlier in the season. New Orleans because of the offense.

My pick? I don’t care. Bring. It. On.

I’ve played this game before. This scoreboard watching game and hoping my team can play that team because it will be “easier” for them to get to the final dance. History has proven that’s not always the case. Do I need to mention the Giants to Packers fans? or a 7th seeded Kentucky to Badger hoops fans?

Getting caught up in hoping your team plays this team or that team is pointless. Let it be decided on the field. Sure, some teams match-up better than others regardless of records, but I’m not going to be one with a mindset of “Oh crap, we have to play THEM?!” I say: “Bring it on!”

Because the Green Bay Packers are the one seed in the NFC with home-field throughout, the league MVP, and a defense playing better heading into the playoffs.

Stop worrying about who your team is playing and focus on your team and the play on the field. Don’t be afraid of anyone.

Bring. It. On.

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