Tailgate Thoughts: Facts are Facts: Rocky IV is a Christmas Movie.

I’m not getting into the debate about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not.

But let’s get real here.

For everyone who believes that Die Hard IS a Christmas movie, then perhaps the greatest, or one of the greatest, sports movies of all-time should also be considered a Christmas movie.

Rocky IV.

When does the fight take place? Christmas.

What song is Paulie listening to in the cabin before the shot of Rocky putting up Drago’s picture in the mirror? Chipmunk Christmas.

What does Rocky say to his kid after he wins the fight? “Merry Christmas, kid”

And what happens after the fight? The Cold War is over. A Christmas gift for everyone.

Facts are facts. If Die Hard is considered a Christmas movie, then Rocky IV is clearly a Christmas movie as well.

So instead of playing Rudolph and Frosty, pop in a little Italian Stallion saving the world.

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