Reaction From the Packers Draft

I’ll just throw this out there right away before I’m accused of being a homer.
On the surface and just looking at it on paper, I don’t like how this draft helps the 2020 Packers. I usually can spin it or find some ways of seeing how draft picks can have an immediate impact on the team, but I’m struggling with this one a bit more when it comes to the 2020 season.
So, I went back to the films online and scouting reports online for a few players. I’m going to try to break it down how these new rookies could potentially help this year. This is the best ways I could come up with.

Jordan Love
Yeah…this one is tricky. So let’s try it. I know the Taysom Hill comparison is being thrown out there, but I just don’t see it. At least right now.
The only possible way I can see Love helping out this team in 2020, besides filling in for an injured Aaron Rodgers, is somehow utilizing his legs. Meaning, could we see more read options? But one of the knocks on Love was that he needed to do a better job at reading it. His strengths are making plays when plays break down and arm strength. So maybe, and this might be stretching it, maybe there could be a package of plays for him to incorporate some read option type of plays where they can utilize his scrambling ability, but also be a threat at throwing the ball. The fact he possess both would still keep opposing defenses guessing. If the Packers are not going to do any of that, then its pretty easy. Love is just there to be the eventual replacement.

A.J Dillon
Intersting pick that can go a couple of different ways. First reaction, why are they picking a running back early when they have Aaron Jones and Jamal Williams and other holes to fill?
But let’s look at Matt LaFleur’s pedigree. He is from the Mike and Kyle Shanahan system and one thing that offensive system loves is running backs . Not just one, but multiple. Remember those 90’s Broncos teams? It seemed like they had a different 1,000 yard rusher every couple of seasons. Terrell Davis, Mike Anderson, and Cliton Portis. And we can just look at the 49ers last year to see how they utilized all those running backs. Jones may not be the bell cow, but I don’t think this offense wants a bell cow back. Each running back will have a role and Dillon and Jones are two completely different running backs. The odd man out is Jamal Williams in this.
And for the long term, this obviously protects the Packers after this upcoming season if they lose both Jones and Williams.

Josiah Deguara
Did they reach on this pick? Maybe. But at the time the Packers had no fourth round pick so they might have reached just a bit.
But I don’t see Josiah Beguara being a typical tight end. This is a H-Back/Tight End combo guy. Someone who can be a lead blocker, running out of the backfield into a passing route, lining up hand in the dirt or in the slot. Again, this is a staple in what LaFleur want’s to do in his offense. We saw glimpses of this last season with Danny Vitale and Deguara is more versatile than Deguara. Don’t necessarily view Deguara as a straight up tight end. He’s someone who will line up all over the dang place.
Again, did they reach too high? Maybe. But right after the Packers drafted Deguara, the Patriots a few picks later drafted Dalton Keene who will play in the same role and was a guy I had mocked to the Packers.

Kamal Martin
I’m honestly not sure about this one. Scouting reports all confirm that one of his biggest weaknesses is his timing and reaction. But his speed and length is what stands out mostly about him. He might just be an early down linebacker at best to start his career off until he can prove he can be reliable in coverage.

What else does this draft tell us about the 2020 Packers? They’re giving a lot more responsibility and trust in their former selections. Oren Burks, Josh Jackson, Kingsley Keke, Jace Sternberger, Allen Lazard, Equanimeous St. Brown, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and Montravious Adams all need to step up in a HUGE role this year as they will be counted on big time.
The big head scratcher is the Packers not getting a wide receiver in a historically loaded class. Knowing the Packers tried to trade for Emmanuel Sanders last year, then tried to sign him this year, and Packers GM Brian Gutekunst flat out saying they need to get better at that position and not drafting one high is, well, weird. Especially considering they don’t have a natural slot guy thats high on the depth chart. Maybe that means Davante Adams more over the middle to work in space and letting the bigger wideouts split wide.

But let me throw this out there. The Eagles loaded up on wide receivers in this draft class. They also have two veterans on their roster in DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery. The Eagles reportedly tried to trade Jeffery last season. Both receivers have an injury history, but is it worth a phone call to see the price? Why not?

Were some of these players picked “too early”? Maybe. But that’s according to all of us on the outside. What about the guys we had picked as first rounders who went two round later? And remember, GM’s said this year the media got their mocks wrong more than anytime in recent memory.

This draft as Matt LaFleur’s fingerprints all over the place. The Mike McCarthy offense is gone. Get ready for some heavy running and play action, possibly similar to the back-end of John Elway’s career in Denver. LaFleur has the potential to get creative with some of these guys. But will he get creative? Will it work out? Like all draft picks it remains to be seen. But for the head coach and GM, their jobs could be on the line when it comes to this draft, because they better hope a lot of these guys work out.

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