All-Time NFL Draft

These are definitltly some weird, crazy, and scary times going on in our world right now. We’re all in this together!

So while I know there isn’t a lot of sports chat to go around right now, let’s use this time to get a little creative and have some fun with sports.

One thing we’ll be kicking off is an all-time NFL Draft with YOU the listeners. Everyone is on the table from any era. 22 Rounds. 1 round each day. You text in your pick when it’s your time to pick. We’ll hold each round from 7:20-7:50 AM so make sure you’re listening! You can have a co-GM to fill in for you if needed.

The deadline to sign up is today! So put your GM skills to the test! More info to come to those of you who signed up! Here is the link:

And don’t forget to vote daily on the matchups for the best sports movie as we figure out who gets the crown for the best sports movie ever!

Finally, THANK YOU to all of you who have been listening and participating!

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