Dan’s Wild Card Picks

Wild Card weekend is here! The NFL Playoffs!

Here are my picks for this weekend’s games:

Bills at Texans

I think this is a sneaky good game. I’m struggling with this one a bit. How effective is JJ Watt going to be in this game? Is Josh Allen ready for the moment?

The Pick: Texans 17 Bills 10

Titans at Patriots

Seems like a lot of people are high on the Titans and I get it. Ryan Tannehill is playing out of his mind. Derrick Henry is the rushing champ. But, it’s still the Patriots

The Pick: Patriots 23 Titans 17

Vikings at Saints

Who ya rooting for Packers fans? The Vikings to avoid the Saints or do you just want the Vikings out of the playoffs? The key for the Vikings will be Kirk Cousins. Can he do it?

The Pick: Saints 27 Vikings 20

Seahawks at Eagles

The battle of who has enough healthy bodies to play this game. Seahawks are the better team.

The Pick: Seahawks 27 Eagles 17

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