What Expectations?

How should we view this Packers team?

I’m talking about how we should view them in terms of expectations for this season.  You know what I’m getting at?

Because for most of us, we didn’t see this coming. We didn’t see a 9-3 start through the first three quarters of the season and in first place in the division under a first year head coach who only had one year experience in play calling.

But yet, here we are. Four games left in the regular season and the Packers are right in the thick of a top heavy NFC. So what should our expectations be? Championship or bust? Are you just enjoying the moment because you didn’t expect this happening THIS year?

I’ve battled back-and-forth on this. I didn’t have high expectations this year. I picked them to finish third in their division so I should just be enjoying the ride, right? But, I’m also a big believer in expectations change through the course of any team’s season. But yet, there are things that I see with this team that just doesn’t give me a ton of confidence to win the Super Bowl.

After much inner turmoil and back-and-forth arguments between the two Dan’s in my head, I’ve come to a conclusion I think all Packers fans should come to. At what level of expectations should we hold this 2019-20 Packers team to?

To quote Jake Taylor from the theatrical classic Major League:

“Win the whole *bleep* thing”

Fans should absolutely enjoy what this team is doing so far this year and enjoy the ride. Football is fun again in Green Bay! Live in the moment!

But, given that they have put themselves in a position to get to the playoffs, the expectations have changed.  And that’s a good thing. It means your football team is competitive and competing for the ultimate prize.

We know the Packers are struggling in certain areas and their statistical rankings on defense and special teams are, well, not good in areas. They do have areas they need to really improve on if they want to win a Super Bowl. No doubt about it.

But I’ll say it again. They’re 9-3. They are a good football team.  Maybe not the best, but they are a good football team. And sometimes good enough, in football believe it or not, gets you a Lombardi trophy. Get to the playoffs and weird things happen.

And last time I checked the NFL rules, there is no rule that says a rookie head coach can’t get to or win a Super Bowl.  

And there is a difference between having higher expectations for your team and just constantly calling out bad play calling, calling for someone to get fired already, or always finding a negative in a win. Come on now. We can criticize bad plays by players or questionable play calls now and then. But it sure seems like were quick to criticize something compared to giving props to a good play call. Allow yourself to be happy with a win regardless of who it’s against and upset with a loss regardless of how it happened.

Enjoy the ride and have Super Bowl expectations. You can do both. Stop always looking at the negatives. We know they’re there, but there are also some good things with this team. Believe me!

Whatever happens happens.

Football is fun again in Green Bay.

Win the whole *bleep* thing.

P.S – I’ve got a new podcast coming out early 2020! I love history and sports. I’ve always wanted to do a documentary and I enjoy producing podcasts. So, I’ve combined them all!

Coming soon is Lambeau: A Podcast Series. Curly Lambeau was more than just the founder, coach, and player for the Packers. He lived quite the life. Scandal. Conspiracy. Hollywood. Drama. Glory. He went through it all and I have some awesome guests from the Packers, NFL Films, and historians joining me to discuss the life and legacy of Curly Lambeau. I can’t wait for this to drop!

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