Bucks Free Agency

We finally know our answers Bucks fans.

After weeks of debating what the Milwaukee Bucks would or should do in the first wave of free agency, we have our answers. The Bucks decided to give Khris Middleton a big contract, Brook Lopez a big pay raise, signing his brother, Robin, to back him up, bringing back George Hill, and signing Wesley Matthews. The Bucks also made the tough decision to say goodbye to Malcom Brogdon, but did the smart thing and agreed to a sign-and-trade with the Indiana Pacers to get some draft assets back to either use for trades or to keep them. They at least got something for him.

I don’t doubt the Bucks wanted really badly to keep Brogdon. But Brogdon’s play priced himself out of a team that didn’t have a lot of money to go around. One of the problems good teams eventually have to face when they have a lot of talent on their team.

Now the debate amongst Bucks fans will be if the Bucks made the right decision to keep Middleton over Brogdon. Time will tell to see who was right. Middleton is not as bad as many Bucks fans complained about after the postseason run. Did he not play up to expectations? No, he didn’t. But that doesn’t define him as an overall player. Let’s see what this season and the next couple of seasons bring.

I know many Bucks fans don’t think Middleton deserves the big contract he got. Here’s the thing though. If the Bucks didn’t give it to him, some team would have. That was the market for his services. And the Bucks obviously value Middleton a lot.

The thing that does concern me a bit with this team is who is going to be the other option on this team behind Giannis and Middleton. Is it Eric Bledsoe? Brook Lopez? Matthews? Do they even need a third option because they have a few different options with their role players? I’m very curious to see who gets slotted into Brogdon’s starting spot. I would love a more typical shooting guard in there and putting Giannis and Middleton in the front court with Brook.

There does need to be another aggressive offensive player on this team and that has to be Middleton. Giannis is aggressive, but there’s no doubt he will be working on his outside game more to combat teams from playing defense on him like the Toronto Raptors did. Bledsoe can be aggressive, but is he consistent at it? That’s the question.

There are still a couple of questions that remain on this team like who is the new starter, how much of a jump will the younger players take this year, and can Middleton and Giannis take another jump in their game. Losing Brogdon was a big loss, but the fact the Bucks were able to bring back Brook Lopez, Middleton, Hill and signing Matthews and Robin Lopez are solid additions. The Bucks are still one of the best teams in the entire NBA.

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