Bart, Bucks, and Outdoors

The incomparable Bart Starr leads off the blog for this week. I won’t spend a lot of time talking about him, as you probably heard me talk about him quite a bit this week on the radio and you can check out the latest episode of The Man Cave Football Podcast to hear more thoughts about him.

But I just wanted to say a couple of more things about him. Maybe hammer home a couple of more points.

First, what you see and what you hear about him and his wife Cherry are 100% factual. Often times when we see a celebrity or athlete, we assume they’re these awesome people. We never have met or interacted with them, but we draw these conclusions based off of what we have read or seen on TV.

I was a lucky one to have met and chatted with both Bart and Cherry and every positive and nice thing you heard about them is completely accurate. And when you talk about Bart, you have to include Cherry because they are the ultimate team.

When we use athletes and celebrities as role models, to me, there is no better example than Bart Starr. From everything from his work ethic, to chasing a dream, to succeeding at football, his charity work off the field and just his downright awesome personality in where he treated everyone with kindness is something we should all strive to be like. Bart Starr is the ultimate role model for any age and generation.

The Milwaukee Bucks season ended prematurely for a lot of us fans. And while they fell short of the ultimate goal of winning an NBA Championship, this was still one of the most memorable seasons of their history. I know there aren’t a lot of good things to talk about in the Bucks history, but this season was fun, wasn’t it? Nobody expected this back in October!

Two things regarding the Bucks:  First, if you know me, I usually have the mindset that if you don’t win a championship at the end of the season, it’s a failure. I’m starting to lean off that a bit after watching Mike Holmgren do an interview a while back and he talked about that subject. But I also believe it depends on the team and the situation.

I didn’t have championship goals for the Bucks at the beginning of the season. Those goals and expectations changed during the season and I did have those goals as the season progressed. I think you have to change your expectations to that when your favorite team finishes with the best record in the entire league.

But since they didn’t win the championship, is it a failure? I don’t think so. They didn’t achieve all their goals, which I guess you could call a failure, but I don’t think the season as a whole is a failure.

My second point I wanted to chat about is this notion of bandwagon fans and how it can be a negative. I think the NBA is a very big bandwagon sport. You almost have to be with the amount of times players, superstar players for that matter, now change teams. I seen a lot of people criticizing people for being Bucks bandwagon fans.

Hold up. We can’t at one moment complain the Bucks don’t get talked about enough or they don’t have enough support, than later complain about bandwagon fans. This was the type of season the Bucks needed to get those fans. They needed to draw new fans in and to get more people to watch them. That in turn gets more support and more attention to your team. Call them bandwagon if you want, but a new crop of fans were just introduced to this fun and exciting Bucks team. Now it’s up to the Bucks to keep them drawn in and on the wagon.

 Lastly, checkout and a new thing I’m trying. Dan Kasper Outdoors.  Since we’re in Wisconsin, the outdoors is a big part of most of our lives, whether it’s hunting, fishing, camping, grilling, and more. We’ll be doing some videos, podcasts, pictures, and a bunch of other stuff.

Please send me your pictures or videos of you enjoying the outdoors. You might be featured on our website. More details to come as we try to figure out this new thing!

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