Support the Bucks!

The Bucks are in the Eastern Conference Finals. Let that sink in for a bit. Who would have thought this was possible just a year ago? And with a real, legit shot to win the title?!

I think the big question remaining is this: Are Wisconsin sports fans ready to finally embrace the Bucks?

Now before you go off on me and ask what the heck I’m talking about, it wasn’t that long ago someone created that logo that you even see on some vehicles yet or their social media profiles. It was a mash up of the Brewers, Badgers, and Packers logo. No bucks logo to be found. Wisconsin fans didn’t identify with the Bucks. They probably wanted a basketball team in their state, just so they could say they have one, but let’s be real. Unless you were a big basketball fan, you were not paying too much attention to the Bucks outside of southeastern Wisconsin.

It’s an exciting time to be a Bucks fan, but it still has work to do to increase its fan support. And a lot of that lies on us as Wisconsin sports fans.

The easiest way to jump on the bandwagon for a team is two parts. One, have a superstar. Two, win a bunch of games. The Bucks have both of that. So if you weren’t paying attention to the Bucks before because they didn’t have anything to cheer for or someone to gravitate towards, you have no reason anymore. A Greek Freak superstar and the best record in the NBA.

Sure, the Bucks could do more to try to market in the Chippewa Valley. But let’s give them a reason to. Show the support. Wisconsin sports fans are an extremely passionate group of fans. Packers fans…duh. Brewers fans, of course. Badger fans may have made “Jump Around” the state song. We as Wisconsin sports fans can and should now embrace the Bucks if you haven’t already. Let’s stop blaming the national media for not talking about them enough and let’s start paying attention to the Bucks a little bit more. And talking about them a little bit more at the bar stool.

We have a team in this state that has a legitimate shot to win a title. You don’t have to be the biggest Bucks fan or even a big hoops fan to back a state sports team. You can gripe or dislike the style of hoops that’s being played at the pro level. Heck, I do all the time! But I’m backing and supporting my state team, because I haven’t had too many opportunities to do so.

It’s an exciting time in Wisconsin sports right now with the Bucks and Brewers. There will always be that excitement with the Packers, especially with Aaron Rodgers, even with all the negative press the team has been getting. Badgers are usually up there as well.

So let’s go Sconnie! Get on that Bucks train!

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