Brewers Hot Start, Bucks Clinch, Packers Drama

The Brewers are off to an awesome start. So what’s impressed me the most with just a week into the season? Not Christian Yelich continuing his MVP performance. Not Lo Cain’s catch. Not Josh Hader. All that is impressive, but what impresses me the most is how this team is winning these games so far. These one run battles and come from behind victories, all while not really taxing the bullpen. I don’t know if Josh Hader is the defacto closer for this team now. I think it’s just been based on the close games the Brewers have had where Craig Counsell elects to throw out his best relief pitcher to nail the door shut on the game. And it’s not a wrong decision by any means. Put Hader in the most stressful situations. 

The fun starts this weekend with their series against the Cubs. Throw the records out of this series. This is going to be a battle and I can’t wait. 

The Bucks did it! The Milwaukee Bucks clinched home court throughout the NBA Playoffs. Nobody thought that would happen this year. It’s huge not only for the home court advantage, but the Bucks now avoid playing Philly in the second round. Now Philly and Toronto will play each other in the second round and one team will be knocked out. Huge for the Bucks chances to advance to the NBA Finals.

The question now is, what will the Bucks do with Giannis, Khris Middleton, and Eric Bledsoe? Do you sit them the rest of the season and get ready for the playoffs? A minute’s restriction? I know Giannis says he does not want to sit, but I think you absolutely sit those three and get ready for the playoffs. Not to overlook the first round matchups, but come on. The Bucks should be able to comfortably get through the first round. I say at most, put those guys in a few minutes here and there sprinkled into the final three games of the season.

Alright. Now to the Packers and this drama surrounding McCarthy and Rodgers. I’m not going to go into full detail because you probably heard me talk about all this on the morning show and I’ll address it more in an upcoming podcast episode. But I’ll just say these few points:

It seems like it’s always the same few people criticizing Rodgers. We know who they are. Jermichael Finley and Greg Jennings. Maybe there are some more underlying issues there, I don’t know. But the whole talk about Rodgers and how he treats some of his wide receivers is interesting. I go back to what Davante Adams wrote in a Players Tribune a while back. He talked about a time in his rookie season when he knew the ball wasn’t coming to him, so he was lazy on his route. Rodgers noticed and threw the ball is way to kind of embarrass him. Rodgers barked at the sideline to get Adams out of the game. 

Davante turned into a pretty good pro, no? So Rodgers is probably extremely hard on his receivers. That worked on the likes of Adams, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Randall Cobb. Maybe it doesn’t work on others. I’m not sure. 

Did Rodgers and Mike McCarthy have issues? Probably. They were attached at the hip for a long time. I honestly think it was two strong egos going at it. But those two couldn’t put the egos at the front door and concentrate on the most important thing: Winning. They wanted to win, but in their own ways and struggled to work together at the end. They had a lot of success and I think that’s the frustrating part in all this. If you had a lot of success initially, how and why did it get to this point

Look at the Steelers and Packers. Two “model” franchises, now clouded in drama. Then there sits the Patriots. We started to hear about cracks in the foundation last year and issues between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

But wait, they just won the Super Bowl. Why? Leadership. Priorities. Brady and Belichick might not get along or they disagree on many things. But Belichick still isn’t afraid to coach Brady hard, even though it sounds like Brady doesn’t like that all the time. But they put all that drama to the side and concentrate on the most important thing: Winning. They know for the team to be successful, they need to put any of that drama to the side and win. Strong leadership. Strong priorities. Ego’s checked at the door. And those are two guys who have every right to have the biggest egos. 

Final Four this weekend! I’ll go Virigina vs Michigan State! 

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