Opening Day, Badger and Bucks Hoops, Bye Jordy

How about that Opening Day for the Brewers?! Brewers down 3-0 right away and then took back the lead thanks to a bomb from the MVP Christian Yelich. Josh Hader comes in the game to close out the final two innings up by one and he was DOMINANT up until the final batter. And that’s when we may have seen the play of the season with Lo Cain robbing what would have been a game tying home run. Unbelievable. It’s like this team picked up its magic right away from last season. OK, that might be a little hot take’ish with 161 more regular season games to go, but I’m living in the moment. That Opening Day game was awesome!

 Now is when it gets interesting. The next four games we will see Freddy Peralta, Brandon Woodruff, Corbin Burnes, and Zach Davies get starts. These pitchers, especially Peralta, Woodruff, and Burnes, will help determine just how far the Brewers will go this season. Let’s see how they start the season against the Cardinals, a team they will be battling all year long for a title. 

The Bucks are getting closer and closer to locking up that one seed in the Eastern Conference, but all eyes are back on Giannis and his health and the health of his team. Giannis re-aggravated his ankle injury in the win over the Clippers Thursday night. It doesn’t sound too serious, but obviously something Bucks fans, and the Bucks, don’t want to see with just six games left in the regular season. The sooner the Bucks can clinch that number one spot in the Eastern Conference the better, so they can shut down Giannis and get him as healthy as possible for the playoffs. The interesting thing with the Bucks now is how do you manage these final six games to try to get the one seed and rest Giannis at the same time.

A lot of Badger fans are frustrated with the men’s basketball team and head coach Greg Gard. I get it. It’s understandable. The last two years have been extremely frustrating on different levels. The four seasons before that, we saw the Badgers go to the Final Four, National Championship, a turnaround season that lead to the Sweet 16 and a basket away from the Elite 8. Expectations and goals changed on a dime after the Badgers went to back-to-back Final Fours.

Some fans would like to see Gard gone or least on the hottest of seats. Is that fair? Are we asking too much? Are we putting unrealistic expectations on Gard? Yes and yes. I think it’s totally acceptable to ask for high expectations from Gard and this program. You’ve proved you can go to the Final Four and a National Championship. We want that again. But, we also have to be a little realistic at times.

 Let’s see Gard do something now without relying on the likes of a Bronson Koening, Nigel Hayes, and Ethan Happ. This upcoming season will be the tell tale. How do Gard and the team compete without their best player in Happ on the court? Can you land some recruits? The offense might actually be a little better without Happ, because we may see some guys like Kobe King with some more freedom or at least more responsibilities to score instead of running the offense through one player. One thing is for sure though: The Badgers have to get better at shooting the 3. And better guard play overall.

Jordy Nelson is apparently calling it quits on his career. Jordy is a top 5 Packers wide receiver of all-time and one of the most beloved Packers of all-time. When you think of a Green Bay Packer, he will be one of the very first players that fans will always think of. The connection between him and Aaron Rodgers was out of this world and is, in my opinion, one of the best QB/WR duo’s in league history. Jordy may get knocked down a notch from some people, because they will point out the quarterback he played with and that’s what helped his stats. It takes two to tango though in my opinion. Jordy was a special talent and from some of the drama we see a lot of times at the wide receiver position, Jordy was a breath of fresh air.

My top 5 Packers wide receivers of all-time: Don Hutson, Sterling Sharpe, James Lofton, Nelson, and Donald Driver. 

That’s it for this week! It’s going to be a crazy month of April! 

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