Moose is Back, A.B. Drama, and Hulk Hogan?

Mike Moustakas, aka “The Moose”, is back with the Brew Crew. I love the move for both the now and future of this team. He obviously fits the clubhouse extremely well and is close with a lot of those guys. Having Moose back is a perfect fill gap for Keston Hiura and provides flexibility all around the infield. Aguilar and Thames struggling at first? Throw Moose over there and bring up Keston if he’s ready. The Brewers also didn’t have to commit long term to a free agent second basemen that was on the market. On paper, do the Brewers look to have the best offensive lineup in the NL? Time will tell. 

This whole Antonio Brown thing going on is…….something.  Should the Packers make a play for him? Let’s break it down:

There’s no question that Brown paired with Davante Adams, Aaron Rodgers, and Aaron Jones would form quite the offense with the Packers. Bringing in Brown would add some more proven, veteran depth to the group. There is no denying any of that.

But the two big questions that are surrounding Brown are his personality and money.

He’s not helping his situation by some of the comments he’s been making. He needs to stay off social media, which is hard I get it, and stop criticizing his former teammates, regardless if it’s true or not. It’s not helping the Steelers find a trade partner. If anything, it’s giving teams some doubt whether they want to take him on. Teams don’t want a T.O type of personality in the social media age.

The money is the interesting part. Brown is scheduled to have a cap hit of $22 million this year, which is number one among wide receivers according to Spotrac. But, Brown also made a comment in his famous Instagram video about going to a team that has guaranteed money. Does that mean he’s looking for a new contract? How much would a team be willing to give him now? And if you’re the Packers, do you want to bring on a player that has a $22 million dollar cap hit that doesn’t play on the defense?  

Packer fans are going back and forth on this debate. If I were the GM, while the talent isn’t in question and the offense would certainly go up a notch, I would feel more comfortable using the cap space they have in finally building a defense and getting some depth at positions.

NFL Combine week starts next week. Get ready for 40 yard dash times and bench press numbers.

So apparently they’re making a Hulk Hogan movie? And Chris Hemsworth, the guy that played Thor, is playing the role of Hulk Hogan? Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m intrigued as all get out on this movie. I was a Hulk Hogan fan as a kid so the nostalgia alone will have me watching this movie. But who plays Andre the Giant? Macho Man Randy Savage?

Speaking of movies, Space Jam 2 is apparently really going to happen with LeBron. I already hate it.

February 2019 weather: You’re drunk. Go home.

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