Top 5 Wisconsin Sports Stories in 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, here are my top 5 Wisconsin Sports Stories of 2018.

  1. The Milwaukee Brewers. Going to game 163 against the Cubs, winning the division, and getting to within one game of the World Series was an awesome year for the Brewers and their fans. Add in Christian Yelich being named the NL MVP and you easily have the best Wisconsin sports story this year.
  2. Mike McCarthy Fired. The writing may have been on the wall, but it’s still a big story that the Packers parted ways with their coach who had been with the team for 13 seasons and won them a Super Bowl.
  3. Giannis and the Bucks. The end of the 2018 season we saw the Bucks get to the playoffs, but lose in the first round. But the 2017-18 season we saw Giannis Antetokounmpo take a big leap in not only his play, but his popularity. The Bucks have started this 2018-19 season as one of the best teams in the league and Giannis is an MVP candidate.
  4. Badger Football Disappoints. There was a lot of hype and excitement for the Badger football team for the 2018 season and it didn’t even come close to preseason expectations. There was talk of the Badgers competing for the National Championship this year and the Badgers finished their season going 8-5 and finishing second in the west division of the Big Ten.
  5. Badger Basketball Tournament Run Ends. The Badger men’s basketball team had a run of 19 straight seasons getting into the NCAA tournament. That streak ended last season with a combination of a young roster and injuries to key players. So far, the start of the 2018-19 season looks like the Badgers will be back in the tournament in March.

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