Gov. Walker’s Economic Opportunity Zones approved

The U.S. Secretary has approved the 120 Economic Opportunity Zone designations Governor proposed for Wisconsin, including 3 in Eau Claire.

The zones cover more than 40 counties in rural, urban and tribal areas, and present an opportunity for private, tax-free investment into areas of economic need, befefiting residents living in the zones and private investors.

The potential Eau Claire Opportunity Zones would be in the central downtown business district, an area encompassing the Randall Park neighborhood and a portion of Menomomie Street, and the North Riverfront neighborhood along the east side of the Chippewa River, plus an area along Madison and Birch Streets. Other regional zones that made the list include one in Chippewa Falls, one in Menomonie, 2 in Rice Lake, one in River Falls and one in Ladysmith.

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