Woman sentenced for having a relationship with and delivering items to an inmate

A female social worker has been sentenced for sexually assaulting an inmate and delivering illegal articles at the Jackson Correctional Institution in Black River Falls.

37-year old Anna Niccolai of Eau Claire was sentenced this week to 3 years of probation after being found guilty of a felony delivery charge and a misdemeanor count of 4th-degree sexual assault.

According to court records, an investigation began after prison officials found out a 27-year old inmate had non-approved footwear. The inmate told investigators that Niccolai gave him shoes, underwear and socks, and that they were having a sexual relationship. The inmate said his relationship with Niccolai, who provided intake training for inmates, started in April 2016, they kissed in May 2016, and had sex twice in June 2016 in a small room at the prison. Investigators also found letters reportedly written by Niccolai to the inmate, in which she mentioned dressing inappropriately for him.

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